Welcome to the beta-website of the mixed-media show ALIEN ACTION - a new show for Digital Dome theatres with 360° immersive video projection.

Digital dome projection is being installed in more and more locations worldwide, spreading from Planetaria to expo booths and special event installations. Replacing analogue star-projectors by a set of computers and several video projectors or a laser projection system, it opens up a new world for motion picture dramaturgy and story telling.

ALIEN ACTION has an absolutely new concept of entertainment and visual and aesthetic style for the Dome.
Underlining the exclusevity of the installations of digital dome projection.

It is the story of an invasion of extraterrestrial fighting robots on earth who are in search of new space for living - followed by a bitter fight for survival. In other words - the classic theme as known from decades of science-fiction literature and film history.

By a combination of 360°-music-video-clips, animations, radioplay elements and interactive parts ALIEN ACTION merges this classic theme of space invasion with the history of human expansion, design, music and visual effects. In best tradition of pop-art the show combines the classic science fiction theme with irony and humor and its music-clip-structured dramaturgy to a completely new chapter of digital entertainment.

The show also contains a worldwide innovation for Digital FullDome Shows - integrated into the storyline the audience can play a Digital Dome video game. By joystick-control the audience can actively take part in the defence of mother earth and shoot as many invaders as possible!

the 48-minutes show had its world premiere on November, 4th of 2006 at the »Kiel Mediendom« (The Planetarium Kiel, Germany) and is since then shown in the public program. A presentation in the public program of Hamburg Planetarium is currently being planned for spring 2007.
Besides the show is actually being prepared for international distribution. If you are interested in show-licensing, please see the informations stated below.

The show is available in 4K resolution (3600 by 3600 Pixels) with stereo or 5:1 audio in german and english language - for other languages please do not hesitate to contact us.
The sound is also available in the new 3D-sound-format »Iosono« by Fraunhofer Institute Ilmenau, Germany.

The show was written, designed and produced by Dominic Bünning and Ralph Heinsohn of Tilt Design Studio in Hamburg, Germany.
The show was created in cooperation with the musicians and sounddesigners of »Munit«, who created the entire music and sounddesign exclusively for the show, the Mediendom Kiel and the Muthesius Academy for fine Arts in Kiel, Germany.

Currently this website is under construction - we would be happy to welcome you back to our site within a few weeks with a new version of the website for ALIEN ACTION with further information and trailers.

Please contact us if you wish to be updated on further information for the show. We would be happy to receive an email on newsletter@alien-action.com

If you are interested in show licensing for your digital dome theater please contact us for further information and contact to our show distribution partners under licensing@alien-action.com

Schedule and reservations for the Mediendom Kiel, Germany: www.mediendom.de

Production: Dominic Bünning & Ralph Heinsohn, www.tiltdesignstudio.com
Music: Sven Lütgen & Dietrich Foth, www.munit.org
In cooperation with: Mediendom der Fachhochschule Kiel, www.mediendom.de, Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts, Kiel, www.muthesius.de